Our goal is to change who waits in foster care.

Belong University is a series of courses designed to empower leaders with knowledge and strategy for solving the crisis for kids in foster care wisely and collaboratively.

There are many worthy causes. What makes focusing on foster care so strategic?

Solving the crisis for kids in foster care is a smart issue as well as a heart issue.

Kids who age out of foster care without being connected to a family are far more at risk for a myriad of issues. There are at least 10 Social Wounds, all with foster care as a common denominator. We are sincerely thankful for organizations that help people who are homeless, suicidal, trafficked, etc. However, your leadership and involvement can help thousands of kids not need those organizations a few years from now because they belonged to a family that helped them to heal and belong.

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Lindy Green Johnson

Trauma Trainer

Krista Petty

Faith Sphere Manager

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